A fruitful time of year

This morning’s thunderstorm swooshed over our farm starting about 7:40.  We had gotten out earlier to hand-pick what we could before the rain.  I went out to the LaLaStars; they are an Italian variety of light sweet cherries, new to us.   This is the first year we have harvested enough for the market.  I had to spot-pick the biggest, ripest ones last Friday, and gave the rest until today to finish growing and ripening.  There were also a lot of small yellow cherries to avoid; they should have fallen off during “June drop”, but didn’t.  (Cherry trees sometimes have these much smaller cherries that never will ripen.  During the month of June, usually the stems will start drying up & quit delivering nutrients to the cherry, and the small cherries will just fall off naturally, before harvest time.)

Our professional fruit pickers went out early to pick our Burpless Cucumbers, Summer Squash, and Zucchini before the rain; we try not to pick them when it is wet out, since disease spreads much easier then.  They also picked our early Apricots, and some Black Sweet Cherries.  This variety of apricots makes a “pop” sound when you pick one that is ideal for harvest (not over- or under-ripe), as the twig releases the fruit.  They fall right off the tree when they are ripe; it is very disheartening to hear them thud on the ground if we missed picking them soon enough.  Each variety of each fruit has its own unique characteristics, including differences in flavor, color, size, shape, and texture.  Our sample shelf near the front door holds free samples of our fruit, so take advantage of each opportunity to educate your taste buds!

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