Apples in Abundance!

Dave and the guys are working their way through the apple varieties as they ripen.  My taste buds have been enjoying not only SweeTango(R) (my all-time favorite), but Jonagold, and another new favorite, Ambrosia!  Ambrosia is crisp, juicy, and very sweet–I would recommend it for people who usually eat Gala or Red Delicious; I think they would be pleasantly surprised!

Sometimes people comment that they don’t see some of our apple varieties at other stores when they are shopping.  Many of our varieties are especially good for farm markets, since they get harvested close (in distance and time) to where they are sold.  They may not have the long shelf life, or stand up under the tumbling of processing plants, that main varieties can handle.  That is one of the benefits of shopping at your local farm market; you get to enjoy fruit that others don’t even know about!  (And, of course, at our market, you can “try before you buy” by sampling from our free samples shelf to your right as you enter the main doors.)

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