FB Photo Contest

Congrats to Melissa Hawley Woodbury, the winner of a $10 Gift Certificate for her winning photo of her son enjoying Black Sweet Cherries from our market!  Check out our Rennhack Market FB page to see this great photo!

If you missed out on your chance to win, here is another opportunity!  Theme:  Rennhack’s Sweet Corn is “The Best”!  Deadline:  August 12, 2017.  Post to our FB page for your chance to win a $10 GC to our market!  Enter early and often!   And have fun!

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Facebook Photo Contest

New!  Our first ever Facebook Photo Contest!  Theme:  “We love cherries from Rennhack Orchards Market!”   To enter, post a photo of you &/or your friends/family members enjoying cherries (fresh or in pies, smoothies, desserts, salads, or other tasty recipes), to our Rennhack Orchards Market facebook page.  Deadline to enter:  Thursday evening, July 27, 2017.  Winner receives a $10 Gift Certificate to Rennhack Orchards Market, which can be used for any market purchase.

Will the winning photo be of kids having a cherry pit spitting contest?  Or a baker displaying a lovely pie?  Or a forkful of pie entering a smiling mouth?  Or friends sharing laughs and a bowl of fresh cherries?  Use your imagination, enter early and often, and help this contest be too much fun!

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Double Up Food Bucks

Double Up Food Bucks is a great program that we participate in, for families with EBT cards (SNAP/food stamps). Funded by Fair Food Network (based in Ann Arbor!), it helps families eat more fresh produce! First, they sign up with one of our friendly staff members. Next, they purchase food (milk, cheese, bread, salsa, produce, etc.) for their family, using their EBT card. Here’s the cool part–they get Double Up Food Bucks in that same amount in a special account, to be used for FREE fresh fruits and vegetables (up to $20/day)! They can spend the Double Up Bucks right away, or save them for later.

For example, Maria signs up for the program, then buys cheese, milk, and zucchini, spending $10 on her EBT card. She now has $10 in Double Up Bucks which she can use for fresh sweet corn, peppers, and tomatoes, for FREE! She can use the Double Up Bucks anytime our market is open (Mon-Sat 9-6), all the way to our last day, December 23!

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Cheery Cherry Season!

Life is a bowl of cherries–just spit out the pits!  We currently have our own black sweet cherries, light sweet cherries, and two varieties of tart cherries on the counter at the market!  It’s a delicious time of year.  We have SW MI blueberries with cherries in snack packs, just right for small appetites or a small gift for a neighbor!  Dave saved Honeycrisp and EverCrisp (cross between Fuji and Honeycrisp) over the winter for you, and they are crunchy, juicy, and sweet!  Currently we are also harvesting burpless cukes, zucchini, summer squash, and two colors of eggplant, with bell peppers coming soon.  Mmm-mmm good!

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Sweet Tango Apple Gift Mailer


SweeTango Gift Mailer – 20 fresh-picked SweeTango apples packed in our specially padded gift-mailer box.  We only ship to the 48 continental US states.  Fresh fruit cannot be shipped to California, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii.  Not available before August 31.


*including shipping


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Honeycrisp Gift Mailer


Honeycrisp Gift Mailer – the perfect way to experience fresh-picked Honeycrisp apples from our Orchard without being here. Our specially padded shipping/gift box contains 20 apples. We only ship to the 48 continental US states.  Fresh fruit cannot be shipped to California, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii.  Not available until Sept 21.


*including shipping


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The Great Apple Crunch is Oct. 22!

The Great Apple Crunch is Oct. 22 this year, and it should be a fun day!  Hart Public Schools are distributing our SweeTango(R) Apples for their students, who will each take a bite of their apples tomorrow at the same time!  How fun is that?!  And Katie Moloney is also going to take part, buying apples for her co-workers at the Oceana County Health Dept/WIC office.  Good for you, Katie!

I hope many who take part in this will post photos on our Facebook page (Rennhack Orchards Market), and also the SweeTango(R) facebook page.  Should be fun to see!  An apple a day keeps the doctor away–this is a great event to draw attention to healthy eating habits and local fruit!


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SweeTango(R) harvest is underway! Hooray!

We are partway through harvesting our SweeTango(R) apples.  It is always a good feeling when some of the premier apples are off the tree and to the market, impervious to the vagaries of Michigan weather.

With these apples, it is important to pick them gently (so no finger bruising occurs) and to place them in the picking sack gently (so no bruising occurs from being dropped on each other).  We also do more than one picking, which is pretty normal for a lot of tree fruit.  In the first picking, the workers select the ripest fruit that has good red color.  This is usually the fruit that gets the most sunshine, on the outside of the tree.

Apples in the bin (box) are a pretty sight.  Not all of these apples will be high enough quality to be called SweeTango(R).  There are strict quality guidelines connected with that name, so you are assured of a great eating experience every time you buy a SweeTango(R) apple.  This is NOT the case with many other varieties–notably Honeycrisp, which has no quality standards connected to the name.  “Know your farmer” is good advice when selecting apples.

A bin of SweeTango(R) apples (before sorting)

A bin of SweeTango(R) apples (before sorting)


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Time to put up produce for the winter!

We have good quantities of our nice ripe, red tomatoes for canning right now (as well as plenty of them for salads and recipes)!  We also are picking our freestone tree-ripened peaches, and also Red Haven (which are not a true freestone & tend to cling to the pit), so if you want to freeze or can peaches, it’s a good time to do that, too!  And if you enjoy frozen or canned sweet corn, there’s plenty of it to put up, as well!

No time this week?  No problem!  Next week or the week after will do just fine!



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Have garden? Have extra? Want to share?

There is an easy way for Shelby area gardeners to share their extra garden produce with their neighbors in need.  The pastors of New Hope Community Church (across from the Oceana Golf Course) are trying to help people with limited resources have healthier diets by providing fresh fruits and vegetables.

If you have a garden and are blessed with an over-abundance of some of your crops, they would welcome your garden’s bounty and can distribute it to area families in need.  Here’s what to do and when to do it:

1.  On Sunday mornings (before church), drop off your produce with a note that says “Please share” by the doors  of New Hope Community Church.

2.  On the 3rd Wednesday of the monthmid to late afternoon, drop off your produce and they will distribute it at their food pantry, which starts at 6 p.m.

Many of us believe in helping others; here is a tangible way to do it!  (Please do not drop food at other times.)


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