Cherry Season is Cheery! (Cheer Faraway Family by Shipping Cherries to Them!)


Our earliest variety of black sweet cherries is ripe and tasty!  Cavaliers are one of my (Joann’s) favorite cherry varieties; to me, the flavor shouts “THIS is what sweet cherries should taste like!”.  I love to start the season with this variety.  It is terrific for eating fresh, perfect for taking along to watch the fireworks.  Be sure to stop in to the market every time you come to Hart, to munch a free sample  of our fresh fruit that is currently in season!  The sampling shelf is on the wall to your right as you come in the front doors.  We love to have people sample each variety, to learn the differences and find their favorites!

As we continue through July, we will be harvesting other varieties of black sweet cherries.  Ulsters and Kristens  are firmer than Cavaliers, so they are preferred varieties to can, or to ship to friends far away.   We’ll be picking light sweet cherries, too, as they ripen; we don’t have as many trees of light sweet varieties, so we won’t have them at the market every day.  You can always phone the market (231-873-7523) to find out what is currently on the counter.

If you have family members who love sweet cherries, but aren’t fortunate enough to live in West   Michigan, here is our recommended method for shipping1.  Purchase an inexpensive Styrofoam(TM)  cooler.  2.  Call the market ahead of time to order the amount of cherries to fill the cooler; we sell in 20# boxes (those are always unwashed, for longer storage time).  If you are shipping a small amount, you may order the number of quarts you will need, but please call ahead and request that they be unwashed.  We will keep the cherries chilled in our cooler at the market until you arrive.  3.  Either purchase & freeze gel packs, or put ice cubes in a good quality zip-type bag, to help keep the cherries cold until their arrival at their destination.  Bring them along to the market, as well as some newspaper to keep the frozen cubes or packs from contacting the cherries.  4.  Gently pour the chilled unwashed cherries into the cooler.  Place layers of newspaper on top, then the ice packs.  The lid should just fit on top; you do not want any empty space in the cooler, because you don’t want the cherries to shake around and get bruised.  5.  Seal the cooler well with package sealing tape.  6.  Ship to the fortunate person who will shortly be enjoying fresh black sweet cherries!  When we ship, we use UPS and ship only on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, to prevent the cherries from sitting around in a warehouse over the weekend.

Shipping the cherries yourself is the least expensive way to do it.  We can ship cherries for you, if you are unable to do it yourself (or if you’d like some, but you live far away).  You may email Margie ( for details.

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