Double Up Food Bucks

Double Up Food Bucks is a great program that we participate in, for families with EBT cards (SNAP/food stamps). Funded by Fair Food Network (based in Ann Arbor!), it helps families eat more fresh produce! First, they sign up with one of our friendly staff members. Next, they purchase food (milk, cheese, bread, salsa, produce, etc.) for their family, using their EBT card. Here’s the cool part–they get Double Up Food Bucks in that same amount in a special account, to be used for FREE fresh fruits and vegetables (up to $20/day)! They can spend the Double Up Bucks right away, or save them for later.

For example, Maria signs up for the program, then buys cheese, milk, and zucchini, spending $10 on her EBT card. She now has $10 in Double Up Bucks which she can use for fresh sweet corn, peppers, and tomatoes, for FREE! She can use the Double Up Bucks anytime our market is open (Mon-Sat 9-6), all the way to our last day, December 23!

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