Enjoy Fresh Cherries While You Can!

We are quickly moving through sweet cherry season.  Our EbonyPearl black sweets have been a great success with customers this past several days.  Their large, firm, tasty fruit is delightful!  We have Blushing Gold light sweet cherries at the market right now; they are crunchy-firm, with good flavor.   I love light sweet cherries for the contrast they give when in a bowl mixed with black sweets.  It looks as though our Regina black sweet cherries will actually bear enough fruit to make it to the market this year.  They are a wonderful, large sweet cherry, but are very shy bearers, so we have been waiting for a long time to have some!

The  free samples of our fresh fruit (just inside the front doors, on the shelf to the right) give all those who visit the market a chance to educate their palates, as well as get a serving of fruit (depending on what’s in season)!  There is just nothing as good as fresh, tree-ripened fruit, or vine-ripened vegetables, that are harvested & eaten without unnecessary delay!  That’s one of the benefits of shopping locally!

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