Homemade Pie the Easy Way

Laura at Wheeler Farms in Hart is a pro at making pies the old-fashioned way.  She mixes the dough from scratch in small batches, rolls out the crust with a wooden rolling pin, uses local fruit, and puts it all together to make a mouth-watering pie!  She works quickly and efficiently, and makes it look easy!

(You can see a photo series at the market; I went over last year with a camera & took pictures of Laura making pies.  I tried not to get in her way as she worked, but I had to ask her to stop a couple of times, because she was moving so quickly I couldn’t get the shot I wanted!)

My tip for having homemade pie the easy way is to come to Rennhack Orchards Market and purchase a pie that Laura has made!  She freezes the pie as soon as she puts it together, and we have the frozen pies at the market, ready for you to buy and bake at home!  Not only do you get a great pie, but you also get to enjoy the aroma of pie baking in your own kitchen!  Flavors include apple, cherry, blueberry, blackberry, peach, and rhubarb, with strawberry-rhubarb and pumpkin available in season only.

If you don’t want to heat up your oven, we can bake it for you (for $1 more than we charge for the frozen pie), but we need to know ahead of time.  On busy weekends this summer, we’ll plan to be baking some, selling it by the slice, and giving out free samples.  Today we sampled out cherry pie, and it was delicious!

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