It’s lovely in the orchards

I had forgotten how much I enjoy getting out early in the morning and picking tart cherries and light sweet cherries for the market!  I am the default cherry picker who gets to harvest those cherries as they start to get ripe, while the real professionals are picking large quantities of black sweet cherries.  I get to spend just enough time in the orchard to enjoy the outdoors, but not so much that I am bushed at the end of it!

Looking skyward through leafy branches laden with bright red tart cherries or blushing yellow light sweets is always delightful.  This morning, I found enough ripe cherries to supply the market until early afternoon.  With today’s warm sunshine, I’m hoping the cherries will ripen up enough to get larger quantities tomorrow.  If the weather cooperates, we should be solidly into our main variety of light sweet cherries next week.  While life on the farm is not exactly “kinda laid back” the way John Denver used to sing, it is a good life, and I am thankful that Dave and I can share it.

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