Labor Day Fun–and SweeTango(R) apples, too!

Runners and walkers at the Hart Healthy Labor Day Bridge 5K/Fun Run/Walk enjoyed some slices of our fresh Zestar! apples this morning.  I sliced them up last night & put on some ascorbic acid to prevent browning.  Diane LaPorte (person in charge, bless her!) picked them up, & put them out with the other snacks for the participants.  We usually have SweeTango(R) apples to slice up for the walk, but with the early date of Labor Day and the late spring, they weren’t ready to pick until this morning (and the event started early!).

However, if anyone has a hankering for SweeTango(R) apples, you can get the first ones of the season at our market.   Dave breezed through the house earlier this morning, and announced that they had picked the earliest ones, and were taking them down to the market!  Hooray!  They are my favorite apple, both to eat fresh and to cook with.


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