Nectarines are best home-grown!

When you think about nectarines, what comes to mind?  If you aren’t salivating with the thoughts of sweet, flavorful and juicy fruit, perhaps you haven’t had a nectarine that is locally grown!

We grow early, mid, and late-season nectarines on our farm in Hart.  Eating a fresh nectarine is one of life’s pleasures, if you can get it tree-ripened and locally grown!  This year, we are offering not only full-sized nectarines, but also our “Nectarine Nuggets“, which are much smaller, and just the right size for a delicious snack!  These “Nuggets” have only been available one other year; they occur when the nectarine trees (for whatever reason) have two different sets of blooms that set fruit.  If a large piece of fruit is too much for you, try a “Nectarine Nugget” this week!

Nectarines also make lovely and delicious jam, and no peeling is involved!  I have had excellent success with nectarine jam by using a combination of peach and plum jam recipes.  I use half the quantity of the ingredients in the peach recipe and half the quantity of the ingredients in the plum recipe to make one nectarine jam recipe (of course, using unpeeled nectarines for the fruit).  It has always gelled nicely for me when I do this.

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