Open all week, then closed for season

We’re open from 9 to 5 daily from December 16-21, and then will close for the season.  It’s a great week to come in, have a free sample of a Snowsweet or Honeycrisp apple, and do some shopping!  Stock up on our nice crisp apples for the winter–our apple sale is buy 3, get the 4th bag free!  Keep them in the refrigerator & enjoy them for weeks to come!  We also have plenty of grab & go gift bags and baskets that are budget-friendly and feature local and Michigan-made items.  Whether you need a gift for a hostess, the office, a teacher, or grandparents, our tasty treats will be sure to please!

Thanks for your support this season.  We are always trying to improve our business, and welcome your comments and suggestions.  As a mom-and-pop business, we are tightly connected to our market, and we take your input seriously.  One drawback of being a mom-and-pop business is that when one member is out of commission, it makes a big difference–so I’ll apologize right now for the glitches we’ve had this year in our e-newsletter production.  I started at the bottom of the learning curve, and this fall have had some surgeries that have hampered my getting it out regularly.  My recoveries are going well, and next year, you should be able to look forward to receiving updates from the market on a regular basis.  Thanks for your understanding and support!  Have a wonderful Christmas, a good winter and spring, and we’ll hope to see you in June!

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