Summer is here!

Summer is here, even if Lake Michigan is still a bit chilly!  We are enjoying fresh local asparagus (still plenty of time to get some)–such a funny-looking vegetable, and so tasty!

Fresh strawberries, what a treat!  Sweet red strawberries are at the market, thanks to a farmer friend in southwest Michigan!  (Our local berries aren’t ripe yet–we extend the delicious season with early berries from southwest Michigan before our local strawberries are ripe, and with late berries from northwest Michigan.  We don’t just get them off a truck; we know family farmers who grow quality produce, and connect with them to get their fruit to supplement our supply!)

And, for those of us who want to enjoy fresh, crunchy Honeycrisp apples in the summer, it’s a happy time!  Dave put some of our freshly-picked Honeycrisp into Controlled Atmosphere storage for the winter, and they are crisp, sweet, and beautiful!

Be sure to stop in at the market to enjoy fresh local produce this summer!  The seasons never seem to be long enough!

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