Sweet Corn is a Special Treat

We have been picking the earliest of our sweet corn for several days now.  We got over two inches of rain this past weekend, which will help the rest of the corn (and our apples and peaches) develop nicely.  Our oldest grandchild is at that delightful age of having a gappy smile, with a couple of front teeth missing, so I’m guessing we’ll be cutting the corn off the cob for her this year!

Why do we have such amazing sweet corn?  Dave researches the varieties each winter and selects seed to grow the best, from early season to later season.  He plants as early as possible, and then staggers plantings over several weeks, to (hopefully) have beautifully ripe sweet corn all through the season with no gaps.   We pick our sweet corn early each morning for the market, and continue picking throughout the day as needed, so it is as fresh as can be!  (Bargain hunters look for our “Yesterday’s corn” that was left over from the day before.)  I think we’ll have sweet corn for supper tonight–how about you?

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