The first apples of the season are ready to eat!

We’ve been keeping an eye on our earliest apples for a while now.  Dave has been checking them regularly, cutting an apple crosswise to see the seed color (apple seeds start out white, and turn darker as the apple ripens) and occasionally taking a bite of one that looks pretty close.  (Under-ripe apples give you a dry-mouth feeling when you bite into them.)

I couldn’t wait any longer, so I went out this morning and tried one for myself.  Nicely juicy, crisp, and very tart!  I munched my way down to the core, and saw that the seeds are still white–but the apples are ripe enough to enjoy!  Dave took one in for the market staff to try, to get another opinion–and Dawn agreed, that is tart & tasty!  With that go-ahead, Dave picked the ripest of our Pristine apples, and we now have them on the counter at the market.  They are a green-skinned apple, very tart, but will mellow out as they ripen to a yellow-skinned, somewhat sweeter apple that is not so crisp.  They are good to eat fresh, and are also good for applesauce, cooking down easily.

The counter is a rainbow of colors–from apricot orange to the purple-black of black sweet cherries, then ruby-red Montmorency tart cherries, deep burgundy Balaton tart cherries, true blue blueberries, and bright green Pristine apples–not to mention the yellow & red peaches, the orange-red tomatoes, the bright red grape tomatoes,  the deep green peppers, and the pale green husks covering white & yellow bicolor sweet corn!  I think it is a delicious time of year, with such a cornucopia of fruits and vegetables–we are truly blessed!

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