Three Cheers for Cherries!

This is a tasty time of year at our market, with free samples of our fresh hand-picked cherries on a shelf to your right as you enter the front door.  Currently, we have some light sweet cherries as well as black  sweet cherries that are ripe, and tomorrow we’ll add tart (Montmorency) cherries.

Dave has planted some new varieties of sweet cherries that are just coming into (limited) production.  I tried my first Black Pearl cherry yesterday; it was reminiscent of my old-time favorite, Van–nicely crunchy, with a little zing added to the sweetness.  We had only about 80 pounds or so (total) of Black Pearl; the new trees are still small, so there are only a few cherries per tree.  Ebony Pearl will be harvested soon; they are a gourmet’s delight, big and dark with a great sweet cherry flavor!

Be sure to take a look at the cherry product display at the market.  It features items containing cherries, including cookie mixes, jams, dried cherries, and more!

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