What’s Ripe When

While the weather can cause variations, here are typical times for the start of harvest in our area (Oceana County):

Early JuneAsparagus

Mid June:  Local Strawberries 

Mid July:   Our Sweet Cherries, ApricotsEggplant,   Burpless Cucumbers, Summer Squash & Zucchini 

Mid to Late July:  Our Tart Cherries & Local Blueberries, Our Peaches &  Summer Plums, Our Famous Sweet Corn, Our Tomatoes & Peppers, Local Green Beans

Early to Mid August:  Our Nectarines, Apples & Melons

Early to Mid September:  Our SweeTango(R) & Honeycrisp Apples, Our Fall Plums, Local Pears, Our Winter Squash

Mid September:  Our Pumpkins & Decorative Gourds, Our Apples (many varieties) through fall as they ripen.

 For more specific information on what is currently ripe, check our home page, or follow our Facebook posts.