What’s Ripe When

The 2014 crop season, as of early June, is about a week later than normal because of the long winter and cold, late spring.  Here’s our best guess (as of early June) for when we expect our harvest in Oceana County to start:

CurrentlyAsparagus (harvest should continue through mid-June).

Mid June:  Local Strawberries 

Mid July:   Our Sweet Cherries, Apricots, & Zucchini 

Mid to Late July:  Our Tart Cherries & Local Blueberries, Our Peaches &  Summer Plums, Our Famous Sweet Corn, Our Tomatoes & Peppers, Local Green Beans

Early to Mid August:  Our Nectarines, Apples & Melons

Early to Mid September:  Our SweeTango(R) & Honeycrisp Apples, Our Fall Plums, Local Pears, Our Winter Squash

Mid September:  Our Pumpkins & Decorative Gourds, Our Apples (many varieties) through fall as they ripen.